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Adventures of a screenwriter in training…

My Work

Completed Scripts

These scripts represent my finished but unproduced works. I will list produced works last, though the list isn’t massive.


Improper Representation

Dramedy. Disgraced lawyer Scott Weismann returns home to Los Angeles to escape from all his problems; with his reputation preceding him, and the prompting and support of two childhood friends, he decides to become a talent agent instead. Can a disgraced lawyer, an out-of-work actor and a former mail-room clerk really make it in Hollywood?

Budget: Low-Medium.

Holland Park (Pilot)

A coming-of-age teen drama set in an affluent area of West London. Six teens deal with growing up surrounded by fame – some are celebs in their own right, others the children of the stars and some… well, they’re just along for the ride.

Budget: Low-Medium.

“This is an engaging drama with great energy and scope. The variety of characters give this texture and provides plenty of dramatic potential. The world is vibrant and intriguing… The dynamic between the teenagers is fun and full of friction, giving the piece real energy… The number of characters the story juggles is impressive and they are skilfully introduced and established.”

(Sangeeta Patel – Script Assistant, BBC Writersroom)

“I thought the world felt relatively truthful in terms of the milieu and pursuits of the young rich ‘It’ kids in West London I have known, and I thought the dialogue was largely convincing… it was certainly an easy read in a kind of Brit ‘Gossip Girl’ way.”

(Ilya Colak-Antic – Director of External Development, MTV Networks UK & Ireland)

Works In Progress

As the title suggests, these are works that I’m still working on completing. I’ll be keeping development diaries of all of the following on the blog as I reach new forks n the road.

Feature Films

Trailer Park Blues

A heartwarming coming-of-age road trip story set in the American deep south in the 1970s. Three teenagers escape a life of poverty and violence on an Alabama trailer park. Running away from home with the ambition of forming a successful band, their travels take them through the eclectic early 70s music scene in cities such as Nashville, Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Detroit.

Budget: Low-Medium.

Unconditional Love

A dark, quirky Brit rom-com. Nick Murray is a university second year; finally free of living in dorms, he moves in with his best mate Shaun, a former hedonistic nymphomaniac who recently became a ‘changed man’ and settled down with his nerdy, Yoga-loving black-belt girlfriend, Beth. And living with the three of them? Sasha. Tall, slim and drop-dead gorgeous, it’s love at first sight for Nick. But he’s in for a surprise: She’s his sister.

Budget: V. Low.

The Warden

British horror. Two step-sisters take a trip with some friends to the family’s cabin in the woods only to find their favourite uncle brutally murdered. Scared and on the run, they take refuge in a disused prison, where ‘The Warden’ awaits.

Budget: Low

Grand Theft Auto (Working Title)

An action-thriller based upon the best-selling video game series. When a bank job goes wrong, Terry The Turk’s world turns upside down – his father died on the job and he’s just served time. Despite resolving to go straight, the old boss, Rocky Saint, has a job for him. It’s an offer he can’t refuse – because Rocky’s boys have his sister.

GTA is designed to be a trilogy and is being written with the (loose) permission of Rockstar Games.

Budget: High.


Drama. Three homeless teenage runaways struggle to survive on the mean streets of an urban metropolis (written as London, but easily adaptable) whilst dreaming of making something more of themselves.

Budget: Low


Outbreak (Working Title)

Science-fiction/police procedural pilot. Eighteen years after a terrorist attack using a weaponized Smallpox variant decimated the global population – and killed their fathers – High school student Robyn Campos and her NYPD detective boyfriend Jimmy O’Brien begin to unravel the thread that will lead to the man responsible for everything. Outbreak is as much a villain-of-the-week cop show as it is an ongoing mystery that some might pitch as Lost-meets-Veronica Mars-meets-Castle.

Budget: Medium-High.

What Happens In Vegas…

Sitcom/Dramedy. Tim Matthews is in Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party. Waking up hungover one morning, he finds himself in bed with the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen – his new wife, Ashley. Having tried, and failed, to piece together the details of the previous night with the help of their friends, two newlyweds decide to make the best of it, embarking on a hilarious journey of discovery for both of them.

Budget: Low-Medium

Angel City

A spec pilot that started life as fan-fiction, Angel City is written as a One Tree Hill spin-off that sees the popular former lead characters, Lucas and Peyton Scott, arrive in Los Angeles to begin a new life together as a married couple amongst family and a host of old and new friends.

Note: Since I don’t have permission to write this as an official project, it should be considered only as a writing sample. Unless, of course, you have any connection with Mark Schwahn, The CW or Tollin/Robbins Productions.

Web Series


A single-camera micro-budget web comedy. Six students are forced to share a house as part of their Social Anthropology course; our story unfolds through a series of video diaries as they file assignments based on their experiences.

Budget: V. Low.



A collection of poetry and introspective musings based upon my first 28 years on this planet. Will hopefully be ready and published by Christmas 2011.

Completed Works

The following is a list of my previous, produced works that are available either for purchase or in the public domain.



2003-2004 – I wrote various segments for the video games magazine show, all of which aired on Sky One.



2004-2005 – Contributed an opinion column for several issues of a national pro wrestling fanzine.

The Movie People

September 24, 2009 – Contributed the article “Getting Into Character: How The Internet Can Help Improve Your Writing” to this popular movie blog.

Oxfordshire Music Scene

April 2011-April 2012 – Contributed reviews, interviews and features for publication in a regional music publication.

January 2013-present – Contributing columnist to a rapidly growing football (soccer) website.


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