Trainee Writer

Adventures of a screenwriter in training…

About This Blog

The ‘Trainee Writer’ in question is Kriss Sprules, a UK-based screenwriter who has previously dabbled in a litany of different things: music, acting, stand-up comedy, professional wrestling and bartending. While he still maintains a blog about the mundane thoughts that occasionally enter his head, Angry Comedian, this blog is primarily for his musings on the art of screenwriting and, indeed, any of the many other forms of writing with which he is currently involved. These include journalism (he’s a former reviewer for the magazine Oxfordshire Music Scene and now writes for, stand-up comedy and – if he’s lucky – he might finally write the novel he’s been threatening for the last ten years.

Though he makes no promises that you’ll enjoy them – or that they’ll happen often – you can also find Kriss’ random musings on Twitter.

Most importantly, this blog is intended to be completely interactive. Or almost. If you have questions about anything posted on the blog, feel free to post them in the comments section or join the Workshop. If your first question is regarding why Kriss is being spoken about in the third person, despite the fact that he’s typing everything on here himself, the answer is pretty simple:

“I once read this thing, in a book, that said biographies should be third person.”

And that, my friends, sums up the ethos of this blog.


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