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Review: BiZ Da Troof – “All Night All Day”

Something that I wrote for – enjoy!


A native of Cincinnati, OH, BiZ Da Troof has been in the game for a long time; unlike those who like to make the claim to boost their reps, BiZ has genuinely been hustling since an early age (the bio on his website,, mentions him raking in the cash in pool halls from childhood) and has worked hard to earn a place in the music industry and it isn’t hard to appreciate his talent.

All Night All Day is a prime example of what he’s all about; a no frills, no BS, honest-to-god hip-hop tune. No big talk about drugs, guns and pretending to be ‘from the streets’ that have become the staple of many a milquetoast mainstream pretender to be found here; this is perfection in simplicity: a catchy beat, tight lyrics and effortless performance from a man who has clearly worked hard to perfect his art.


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